will a bobcat attack a human

Bobcats aren't known for attacking humans, but that's no comfort to a Massachusetts resident who killed a bobcat with his shotgun after it attacked him in his garage. However, if a bobcat does attack a human, it generally will have symptoms of rabies. Rangers saw several bobcats that showed signs of habituation to humans, but were unable to determine which one was responsible for the attack. When a bobcat attempts to approach a human or acts aggressive toward someone, it is most likely ill or feels threatened. Threat to Humans. If you see a bobcat near your home, there is no need to panic. In the wild, in “my neck of the woods” (the mountains of Virginia) Bobcats hunt deer and other animals to survive. They can live near populous areas without incident. * Occurred on July 17, 2017 / Anthem, Arizona, USA A man was walking his German Shepard when a bobcat began to chase them and attacked. Bobcats locally have never been documented to eat people's pets or attack people. Even confronted with diminishing prey, a healthy bobcat seldom attacks a human. 2006. * Remember all animals can and will under certain situations and conditions attack humans. Benson, J.F., Chamberlain, M.J., and Leopold, B.D. Bobcat Bobcat Attacks. Bobcat Attacks – How to React. For several days thereafter, there were numerous bobcat sightings around the inn and resort, according to Aaron Shandor, the park's acting chief ranger. Bobcats attacking humans is uncommon, but not unheard of. But they and a provincial Fish and Wildlife official have said the threat to humans posed by bobcats is minimal. Bobcats usually have 2-4 kittens in a litter sometime between February and June each year. Oh man keep an eye on your animals folks. Bobcats may be attracted to a yard that has abundant wildlife, domestic birds, small pets, water, and shade or other shelter. Bobcats in southern California tend to avoid human interactions. Bobcat attacks boy, 12, in his back yard as footage shows it stalking prey in a neighbor's garden a week earlier in Connecticut. References. Possible Conflicts with Humans and Pets. A bobcat, faced with development and encroachment that erode its habitat and deplete its natural prey may raise some threat to the unwelcome human and domesticated animal intruders. As I am not as fast as a deer I’m on the menu. The mother raises the kittens alone. Bobcats rarely attack people. * Yes a Bobcat can attack and is more than capable of doing so. Do bobcats attack dogs? Bobcats with rabies are known to attack humans. they are scared of dogs. According to the best reference book on wild cats 1, the bobcat does not attack dogs although this medium-seized, iconic, wild cat species does prey on domestic stock including sheep and goats.However, bobcats are good climbers and will climb a tree if pursued by dogs i.e.

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